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Our team is dedicated to helping our patients achieve their optimal dental and oral health through regular dental visits with our dentists in Barrie. Dental cleanings and oral hygiene instruction are the beginning steps to long-term dental health care. We provide you with specific dental and oral health care that will cater to any of your needs.

Call us at (705) 721-9229 to schedule a dental cleaning and dental check-up in Barrie.

Dental Emergencies

Our office understands that dental injuries or dental emergencies can occur when least expected. This is why we offer SAME DAY dentist appointments in most cases so that we can give you fast relief from your discomfort. Our dentistry teams grasp that any injury to the gums or teeth can be extremely uncomfortable.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing a dental emergency in Barrie and the surrounding area, please call us at (705) 721-9229.

Common Dental Emergencies:


Sedation Dentistry

We offer  dental sedation to help achieve a relaxed state during treatment but you may respond to speech or touch. We have a team of professionals who will help guide you or your loved one through this process. 

We offer two types of sedation dentistry at our office. First being Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) and secondly being IV sedation.

Nitrous Oxide is a mild sedative. It is delivered through a nose hood and is provide throughout the entire procedure. Nitrous Oxide elevates the general mood, relieves anxiety and reduces stress. Under this mild sedative you may experience some tingling and numbness but these symptoms will dissipate when the administration of nitrous is terminated.

IV Sedation is a moderate sedation. It is delivered through a small catheter placed in the vein. Patient feel like they slept through the procedure and feel groggy and sleepy when the IV sedation is withdrawn. This requires you to arrange a ride home after treatment is performed. Please note that we only offer semi conscious sedation for the extractions of teeth.

If you require sedation for your treatment needs, call us at (705) 721-9229.

Kids Dentistry

Our office believes that a family oriented environment is important to creating child-friendly experiences that support children in maintaining a healthy and cavity-free smile! Our team reinforces healthy oral hygiene habits that your children can benefit from for the rest of his/her life. Our focus is on prevention, early detection, and treatment of dental diseases. Our friendly staff supports children through positive reinforcement and behaviour management techniques that are child-specific and are very successful in managing and treating children as young as two years old. Our office understands that positive dental experiences for children lead to a lifetime of good dental habits.

If your young ones require childrens dental treatments in Barrie or you are thinking of starting a positive dental experience for him/her, call us at (705) 721-9229.

Some of the dental services that we offer to your child are:

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